First Days of 2012 in Los Angeles

We honestly thought that LA is one of those cities that you either hate or love and after visiting it a couple times we couldn’t say we were in love with it. We just wanted to finally take a break after working like crazy during the last 2 months and since we didn’t have time or desire to plan too far ahead, buy plane tickets and find a place to stay in advance, we figured that neighboring Los Angeles would be the easiest destination for such a spontaneous getaway. A cup of coffee at Starbucks in the morning followed by a 2 hour scenic drive with our favorite DPBG hits playing in the background made the time fly so we didn’t even notice how fast we got to our new friend Andrea’s house! Since we didn’t really have any plans except for some end of the year bargain-hunting, we fully surrendered to our friend’s welcoming hospitality and let her show us a different side of the city of Angels.

Driving along the legendary Mulholland Highway down to the blond Malibu Beach, enjoying the panoramic views over the Santa Monica Mountains and its beautiful canyons we realized that this city runs much deeper than its “celebrified” Beverly Hills and star-dotted Hollywood Blvd.

Halfway to Malibu we stumbled upon a secret little winery so carefully hidden from crowds and specifically designed for those romantic dates or girls’ nights or may be days out around a nice bottle of wine.

After sharing a chilled bottle of chardonnay we drove further down the canyon road with a panorama gradually opening over the vast Pacific ocean. As soon as we hit the Pacific Coast Highway, we couldn’t help pulling over to take some pictures of the rocky coastline stretching all the way down to Venice Beach.

The views in all 4 directions were so gorgeous we would stay there forever, but Andrea wanted to bring us to the Santa Monica pier by sunset from where she said it could be photographed at its best. And she was 100% right!

As it got darker and our camera was turned off, the smell coming from the restaurants at the pier reminded us that we haven’t really eaten anything for the whole day. So we sat down for dinner at an Irish pub and then exhausted but happy headed back to Andrea’s place to finish that pleasant day in the cozy atmosphere of her beautiful house enjoying her delicious home-made cookies and eggnog, watching ‘Morozko’ while snuggling up on a comfy couch by the christmas tree.

The next 2 days that we spent in the city weren’t less exciting at all. We were basically exploring the coastline areas of Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice Beach. We would wake up in the morning and take one of the scenic canyon roads from Andrea’s house down to the ocean, then drive along the Pacific Coast Highway again to take in the iconic views of the Pacific on one side and the multimillion-dollar villas of Hollywood celebrities on the other. Then we would end up walking around the more casual, incense-scented Venice Beach, the motherland of hippies, where the snake charmers, magicians, fortune-tellers, tattoo-makers, artists and other street performers together with yoga freaks, punk roller skaters and “medical” marijuana official prescribers mix and mingle creating an out-of-this world cacophony of sounds and smells. However, by the time the sun was about to roll over the horizon everything suddenly died out as everybody was struck with awe at the sight of the ‘huge orange’ sinking into the depth of the ocean.

Driving back to San Diego we were talking about LA and how much we liked it this time as we looked at it from a totally different angle. We discovered the natural beauty of its pink-washed sunsets, sublime coastline, scenic canyon roads and those life-affirming moments like sipping white wine high up in the mountains and thats what we definitely loved about the city of Angels!

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3 Responses to First Days of 2012 in Los Angeles

  1. Beata says:

    Unbelievably awesome sunsets!

  2. Danny W says:

    Thanks for a great readd

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