Starting a new page…

We finally did it! After an almost year long break that was full of colorful events, unforgettable travel experiences and our busy preparations for moving to the States, our adventures and everyday life moments are up on the blog again! It’s a shame that we’ve always found ourselves busy and haven’t yet finished to write about our Southeast Asia travels, not to mention our prior trips to India and Europe. All of that is coming up in the nearest future, but at this point we decided to slow down and take some time to share the pictures and tell our family and friends about our new life in California. It might be quite a long story about summer vacations in Hawaii or snowboarding in Big Bear in winter, it might as well be a short description of our weekend getaway to Vegas or just a few photos and a couple lines about our daily routine and those precious little moments that our life is all about… But no matter what it is, that’s just a humble attempt to bring ourselves closer to our beloved ones and share our joy and happiness with them.

So lets get it started with our first 2012 out of town trip to Los Angeles…

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