Singapore Part II

On our second day in Singapore we realized that we got to see pretty much everything in the city itself which lies in the southern part of the island, so we had several options of a pastime somewhere else on the island. Thinking we deserved some rest we didn’t hesitate a lot and headed to the East Coast Park, which is a stretch of seafront park with lots of leisure facilities, bike lanes and green space along the East coast of the island.

Our route to the park was lying through the historic Joo Chiat road, the birthplace of Singapore and the heart of reemerging Peranakan culture (Peranakan means belonging to the descendants of the Chinese immigrants moving to Malaysia and Singapore in the 16th century and marrying Malay women). Numerous renovated Peranakan-style terrace shophouses, as well as a number of temples (Chinese and Indian), mosques, and other landmarks giving a taste of old Singapore make this neighborhood truly worth exploring.

Besides that, it’s the only place in the Lion city where you can try some genuinely Singaporean-Peranakan-cuisine. One of such traditional dishes is called Laksa – a mild coconut curry soup with rice noodles and shrimp. It is usually served with fresh lemonade, or “limeade”, as it’s made from lime, not lemon! Actually you won’t find any lemons in SEA at all!

Singapore was only our second destination in this SEA trip, but we already got used to moving fast, so after spending a couple of hours in the park we got bored and decided to switch to some other spot where we could relax and it was Sentosa island. Separated from the island of Singapore by a 500m bridge, Sentosa island is the city’s favourite resort getaway boasting of some nice hotels, tropical beaches, a large amusement theme park, a fine aquarium, the Universal Studios and a lot more. Unfortunately we don’t really have any nice pictures from Sentosa as it was pretty cloudy so we found this one on the Internet just to show you how beautiful it is there!

The day was getting over and we were looking for some night photo opportunities, so we rushed to the riverside to catch one of the last boat tours. We missed our tour though, while eating snails and washing them down with local beer in one of the riverfront restaurants.

Luckily they put us on the next tour and we still had around an hour to explore the colorful Boat Quay, which being closest to the harbor, was once an important centre of commerce. Now it’s all about сute fine dining places beautifully illuminated at night.

Finally we were on our boat ready to take in the night views. And they were gorgeous. We had goose bumps as we were passing the ultramodern architectural masterpieces of the Singaporean CBD.

Done with the tour and reluctant to leave, we still headed home to pack our stuff and get some rest before an early morning flight to Cambodia. We decided not to break the tradition and finished our visit to Singapore exactly the same way we started it – with our beloved South Indian thali, this time a lot more substantial though))

But despite our expectations for a good night sleep, that night we didn’t even get a chance to sleep at all. We mean we had a chance, our flight to Siem Reap (Cambodia) was early in the morning but the point is that when we finally got home everybody had already been sleeping and so we started packing our stuff, which took us very very long time.  The thing is that we were laughing like crazy, without any obvious reason for that. If everybody else staying with us in one room hadn’t gone to bed, it wouldn’t have been that funny for sure, ‘cause we wouldn’t have had to stifle our laughter, but as everybody was sleeping and it was dead silent in the room, we were desperately trying to shut our mouths with hands, but we were just cracking up and we couldn’t help it. So what we had to do was just take all our belongings out of the apartment and pile it up in the hallway, locking the door behind us. Needless to say, that after that we stopped laughing at once, ‘cause nobody could hear us anymore.

So we took a cab to the airport, fell asleep in the car, woke up in the airport and after that couldn’t even remember how we checked in the luggage, proceeded to the boarding and how the plane took off…we were sleeping so hard until the plane landed in Siem Reap.


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7 Responses to Singapore Part II

  1. bemylight says:

    The blog looks great! Now I’m officially your new subscriber! 😉

  2. Katy says:

    Guys, absolutely fantastic blog!!!!I love it!!!!))))))

  3. Heinrihs says:

    Good yob! Beautiful pictures. I miss you.

  4. Mike Major says:

    Very good and interesting photos! )))

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