Bird Park at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

As Kuala Lumpur grew up from the jungle at the confluence of 3 rivers (here’s the origin of the name: “Kuala Lumpur – muddy confluence”), the city remains one of the greenest in Southeast Asia despite its fast industrial development. And here, in this green city, Lake Gardens is a favourite spot of Malaysians as well as foreigners to escape the midday heat and concrete of the busy city centre. One of its main attractions is…

The Bird Park is a large tropical garden and following the trail can be a sweaty experience so local method of drinking coke might be very helpful…

…but it definitely worth it as the nature is gorgeous

All birds wander freely around the park…

…except for some rare species

…and you can virtually hug these beautiful peacocks

Our park experience wouldn’t be that memorable but for the lunch shared with birds…

As for the lunch itself, nasi lemak was pretty good.  It’s one of those few national Malay dishes you can find in Kuala Lumpur. Chicken with rice steamed in coconut milk, cucumber slices, dried anchovies, hot sauce sambal, roasted peanuts and a hard-boiled egg – this dish is served on a banana leaf and eaten at any time of the day and is really popular among locals.

And tastes even better when washed down with longan juice…

Bon appetit!

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3 Responses to Bird Park at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Ksyusha says:

    That’s incredible! What I’m mostly shocked about is that the birds are wandering together with the visitors… and you can actually touch them 🙂 It’s a haven of savage life in the steel world.

    • I know…we didn’t wanna leave))) I’m not a big fan of all these zoos or aviaries, ’cause they make you feel sorry for the poor creatures stuck in tiny cages and being looked upon and photographed by tons of visitors passing by every day…but this Bird park – it’s more than a haven, it’s a real heaven for birds (except for some rare species:)))

  2. Alexander says:

    Zoo without cages is definitely wonderful place to visit. That white bird looks professional. Good job – tasty tips, next one, good job – tasty tips, next one…

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